I sincerely welcome you to the website of Coreana Bio Co., Ltd.
The name Coreana Bio is a compound word of COREANA and BIO TECHNOLOGY, and was established with the management philosophy of “Creating beauty through biotechnology”. Based on the R&D know-how and state-of-the-art production facilities of Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a parent company with a history and tradition, Coreana Bio Co., Ltd. will provide Brand distributorship and ODM/OEM Total Service to customers.

To grow into a distributor of brands developed based on bio technology, and a global ODM/OEM company, we make three pledges to our customers.

To grow into a brand distributor based on biotechnology and global ODM/OEM company, Coreana Bio Co., Ltd. wants to make three pledges to our customers.

First, we will lead the development of new products through continuous technological innovation. Second, we will strive for customer satisfaction and become your success-partner. Third, we will earn customer trust by pursuing “Jeong-Do(Ethical)” Management.

Through these promises to our customers, Coreana Bio Co., Ltd. promises to grow with our customers and become a company that can contribute to society in return for the love you send. Thank you.

January 1, 2021
Hak Soo, Yu, CEO of Coreana Bio Co., Ltd.