Dear All,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who visits our COREANA BIO website.

COREANA BIO Co.,Ltd. is founded with the compound word of 'COREANA' and ‘ BIO TECHNOLOGY', which interprets the philosophy of creating beauty through advanced bio-technologies.

COREANA BIO is a subsidiary company of Coreana Cosmetics, that has History, tradition, R&D know-how and cutting-edge production facilities.Now, COREANA BIO is ready to provide satisfied ODM • OEM total services to customers all over the world.

COREANA BIO strives to grow as a global ODM • OEM company, we make three pledges to you.

First, pursue high quality through state of the art technology innovation. Second, deliver happiness and satisfaction through constant effort. Third, become your successful and trustworthy partner through competitive prices.

With the pledges above, and with thanks to your interest, COREANA BIO is devoted to grow into a company that can contribute to your beauty and our society.

CEO Hack Soo, Yu
1st July, 2014