Bio cellulose is made from fermented coconut juice, which is usually called as “Coconut Jelly Mask”. Bio cellulose is widely used on food, due to its high stability and low irritation. It is able to absorb 10 times more toner than both cotton and nonwoven fabric materials, which can replenish sufficient moisture and nutrients into deep skin. With three-dimensional network structure, it can largely enhanceabsorption and adhesion capacity over skin.

Remark Bio CelluloseMask Pack Hydro GelMask Pack Nonwoven FabricMask Pack
Appearance Opaque Gel Type Transparent Gel Type Chemical Fabric Type
  • Natural fruit mask sheet composed of pure botanical fabrics without preservatives
  • 3D network structure is similar to the structure of skin protein, which has high skin affinity and adhesion capacity.
  • Gel type mask sheet composed of agar or algae extracts.
  • Contains high content of moisture while is weak in external attack.
  • Most common mask sheet is excellentin its softness and moisture holding capacity.