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*As of December 16, 2020


05.13Presidential National Quality Innovation Award by National Quality Management Competition

05.27Invention Day Award by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

11.132019 Hong Kong Cosmoprof Sustainable Category Winner Award


04.10Certified as an Excellent Employee Invention Promotion Company (Korea Intellectual Property Office)


05.19Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit Award on the 51st Invention Day

11.16Korea Engineer Award (Creation Lab, Korea Industrial Technology Association)


04.252014 DongAm Cosmetic Scientist Award Gold Prize

05.20Coreana ‘PhytoS1P’ Anti-aging delivery system won IR52 Jang, Yong Shil Award

07.07Coreana Song Pa R&D Center This month engineer award

11.13Coreana 'UV-IR BLOCK', '2014 Korea Technology Award' MOTIE Minister Grand prize hosted by Korea Institute of Advancement of Technology(KIAT)•Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE)


05.14Coreana ‘PhytoS1P’ Anti-aging delivery system won2013 DongAm Cosmetic scientist award Gold prize

05.15Coreana won award, Tin Tower Order of IndustrialService Merit


06.14Coreana ‘UV-IR Block’ won IR52 Jang, Yong Shil Award


05.19Coreana won Korean Patent and Trademark Office Award


02.02International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal “Cheon Nya Mok Lan”

04.21Science Day Award Commendation by Ministry ofEducation and Science Technology(MEST)

05.19Awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy on the Invention Day


05.19Korea Invention Awards Winner, Commendation byMinistry of Knowledge Economy